Is the Really The Legacy You Want to Leave

Well, since I have not opened any pandora’s boxes lately let me just do it this morning- What can I say, I am bored – and those who know me know what happens when I get bored.
So, with that being said. let’s play a game who “Who is stupid?”
I have watched the beautiful city of Charlotte- home of NASCAR and southern pride being totally destroyed in the name of “Black Lives Matter.”
Now before I go any farther in this rant, let me just say, this is not about prejudice- this is about stupidity as in actions not people.
I have watched people destroy a city – hurt each other and cops all in the name of injustice. I have seen looters carry out merchandise from Wal-Mart all in the name of injustice. I have seen police cars destroyed all in the name of injustice.
Really people! A peaceful protest is one thing, what you all have done is really really stupid. You make no statement doing that sort of thing. You only prove that your behavior is the reason the police are so nervous. I don’t care if you are the color of green, that behavior is not the way to make change happen.
Outsiders come into your city- the city that you and your family live in and help destroy it. Is this really what you want, to defecate where you eat?
These same people that are destroying Charlotte, are the same ones that will be screaming for the Police when they get robbed or beatup. How, in this world can you make a difference when you behave like a two year old that can’t have it’s way. Oh and you feed into the dialogue of news media, they love a feeding frenzy. They are like a school of sharks waiting on blood in the water. The more you act like two year olds the more they love it.
They talk and talk and talk about what is wrong- but never how to fix it. When you all destroy a city- you kill the heartbeat and that heartbeat beats inside of you! When you kill the heartbeat, you kill yourself. You can never go back.
So, what if- each of you rioters go into the inner city, find a child or a family that if living less than large- mentor them- help them find jobs, be willing to take them back and forth to work, help a kid with homework, clean up an neighborhood, build relationships, educate and grow instead of tearing down and destroying. A city is only as strong as the people in it. Apparently you all chose to be weak.
Only when you as citizens understand that you have destroyed your city (and you have allowed outsiders to do the same) will you be able to come together to rebuild, to educate and to make a difference. At this point you are just showing that you really don’t care to make that difference.
End of rant you are free to move about the country and continue your path of destruction. When it is done you will be left with nothing which is much less than you had before.

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