A House Divided Will Not Stand

A House Divided cannot stand. If we go back to all the great civilizations- they all died because they became divided with in themselves. We as a nation are beginning to implode. Thanks to not only the lame stream media, but those we have put in office we have turned on each other and ourselves like a pack of rabid wolves who have been starved through a long hard winter. Many years ago – back in the early 1960’s the Dictator of the now defuct USSR by the name of Nikita Khrushchev made this statement. He said that the USSR would take over the US without ever having to fire a shot. The reason was simple- we would implode. I was in grammer school but that statement has stayed with me all of these years.
It is so sad that our once Great Nation was founded on the very things that are now being used to divide us. The vitriol – the hatred, the intolerance for difference of opinions- the lack of moral fiber- the us against them- and the final and most sad of all- the division of “classes”- Yes, boys and girls- we are being divided by class, you never saw it coming- It came in the form of many ways (just like an abuser takes the very life of his abused) It was subtle- it was made to look like the forbidden fruit- it was encouraged by groups like BLM- Occupy Wallstreet and others. It started back down the line with Roosevelt when he decided that he wanted to be the permanent “Ruler”.
We have allowed oursleves to be led like sheep to the cliff and then we jump over because “those who are so smart” have told us it is good for us.
We have been fed garbage through the media for years. We have believed every word like starving children and taken it as gospel. We have not done our own research- nor have we searched for the facts- not just the truth (truth is perception) in the mind of the individual (What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly)
We have ripped apart those who disagree with us- said things that can never be put back in the box and have allowed the very politicians who work for us to pull us around like puppets on a string. If they say it is good for us- we believe them like wide-eyed children with our hands out.
We have forgotten how to work, how to live and how to be productive. Instead we stand in line with our hands out waiting for the next entitlement because it makes us complaint and easy to manage. We teach our children that they are to weak to be able to handle the reality of life. We offer them safe spaces in order to run and hide. We have been taught that hand outs are better than hard work and self respect. We are bombarded with poor pitiful masses who don’t have sense enough to get out of the rain. We stand at attention and take it all in and believe it because those who are smarter than we are have convinced us that they know better.
We have been taught by the media and those who we the people elected- who are paid by us that if our skin is a different color- or our faith is different- our our moral character has high standards then we should turn on each other. We have been brainwashed to believe that we should all think the same- act the same and believe the same- What is sad is we paid salaries to those we elected to office to abuse us.
We have defined our lack of a future by our actions in the present. We have allowed children to die before they were born because the woman had rights. Well, she took her right when she laid down- that was her right- she violated that child’s right when took that life. She took a part of her future when she took that life. But we have been convinced that it was her body- which is was, however, she knew the consequences of her actions- We have been convinced that there are no consequences for anything. It is always someone else’s fault.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen we are imploding- we will be over run and we will be destroyed-
If that doesn’t scare you for the future of our children and grandchildren, I don’t know what will. It will take generations for America to return- if she ever does, Rome didn’t Greece didn’t-
It is not to late- to turn things around.

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