Save the Date for Oct 25th at 8:00pm EST

Save the date for October 25th EST and join me for an interview that you will not forget on my online radio show on Blog Talk Radio

I will be doing a very special show that night. It is my launch show for my new true crime Justice for Cindy. This story has become very personal to me for many reasons, but the one that is the closest to my heart is I am a survivor of domestic abuse. I have been in that dark tunnel- I survived. Cindy did not. So many signs were there- so many red flags were raised and yet, she was still executed. This show will not only discuss the domestic abuse, but I will also show how the State of Oregon with it lack of criminal justice was complicent in a second crime by Donald Glen Richardson.

This show is a must listen to- not just because of the book, but because it will have  many lessons on domestic abuse, the lack of the criminal justice system in Oregon and the call to change those laws.

Cindy nor her family ever received justice at the hands of the State- in fact one could say they only received more pain-  now, however, the story is out. Justice has been served. The family can now find peace and move forward with their lives- The facts are told and Cindy now can rest.

Justice for Cindy
Justice for Cindy



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