Archived Show from October 20,2016 with Guest Kriss Bowles and Author Kim Carmichael

On Oct 20th my guest Kriss Bowles at the 8:00pm hours discussed the death of her husband due to men’s breast cancer. This first hour was informative and educational. Yes, ladies and gentlemen men do get breast cancer. But yet, it is one of those dirty little secrets that no one discusses. The thought process is that only women get breast cancer. That is not true. If you want to be educated and understand that men’s breast cancer is genetic and how to be screened for it then you do not want to pass up on this show.

At the 9:00pm hour I interviewed a lovely romance author Kim Carmichael. This show was indeed OFF THE CHAIN.

You want to go now and listen to two hours of education, information and laughter.¬†–9-10-pm-author-kim-carmichael

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