If You Think This Election is Not Rigged Guess Again

The Democratic Party has just reached a new low. My mother who is a registered republican and a shut in- She had called and asked for a mail in ballot. The Democratic Party called and asked if she had received her ballot. I want to know how they knew she had a mail in ballot .They then told her they would help her fill it out over the phone. Now, if this is not illegal is should be- How did they know that she had asked for a ballot and how were they going to help her fill it out. When I have to help Jack fill out his at the polling place he has to sign a paper stating I have his permission to help him.
My question is this- if they are calling all over God’s half acre – they will be talking to people who are shut in – maybe cannot read or write- or maybe a new citizen who has not yet learned the process or young and had never voted before.
This is so wrong on so many levels. This is a problem with early voting and mail in ballots. I am not happy!!!! Talking about fraud and in your face.

This has been going on for years- but now it has really gotten out of control. The Democrats are not even trying to hide the fact that they try to sway votes illegally and immorally. They are also going into nursing homes and giving “help” to the infirmed and elderly.

Trump is right and has been right all along. The Democrats will do anything in their power- legal, illegal or immoral to stay in office. Is this the type of President we want. Someone that takes us to dictatorship?   I know that I don’t. Our country was founded on freedom of choice. When a party takes that choice away it crumbles our county.

If you really want change and you really want to see the Country whole again, I suggest that you think about this. Do you want your vote stolen? Do you want someone else “helping” you cast your vote which is a private matter between you and the ballot? Do you want to be told who to vote for?

If the answer to all of these questions is NO then it is time to put a stop to it!!!!!!!

Remember it could be your family member who is told who to vote for and you won’t be there to protect them.

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