The New Year Has Arrived

2017 has arrived and with it new shows- this year has already started out with a bang. I have shows lined up through the end of March and am starting on April. At the end of 2016 we had over 6100 listeners this includes the live show as well as all of the podcasts this show goes to. Not bad for only being in business for  five months. Our goal here at OFF THE CHAIN is to have 10,000 by the end of 2017. I believe we can do it.

You see we interview such a vast group of guests. We are not restricted to just authors, or musicians or business people. We bring on anyone that has a passion. It can create some interesting shows.

Here is the line up for Jan through March you will want to tune in for sure – all shows are Eastern Standard Time. If you miss the live show you can listen in the archives or on the one of many podcasts as well as itunes and you tube, tune in radio and – stitcher-, spreaker, mix cloud, sound cloud just to name a few.

Jan 3rd 8:00m EST Author and Former Rocket Scientist Stephanie Osborn joins us to discuss her new book and boy is it a great one

Jan 4th 8:00pm EST Class Car Aficionado Keith McDonald will be out guest

Jan 5th 8:00pm EST the CEO of BellaLili Sunshine Designs will be our guest-

Jan 6th 8:00pm EST Horror Author Frank Bittinger will be in the hot seat for the second time

Jan 11th 8:00pm EST Author Carlos Colin will join us to discuss his new book

Jan 12th 8:00pm EST  Author Ann Goldfarb will be on tap to discuss her books

Jan 13th 8:00pn EST Author Gray Dixon will be my guest- and it will be hot and steamy nuff said

Jan 14th 8:00pm EST Author Alan Gravitt will be on the show – this man has lived more in his lifetime than most people live in several

Jan 18th 8:00 pm EST Dr. Amicitia Gibson will be joining me

Jan 19th 8:00pm EST Author Lyle O’ Conner will be on the show

Jan 20th 8:00pm EST Author Glen Stripling will be debuting his book

Jan 21st 8:00pm EST Author Ann Marie Martin will have a sit down

Jan 24th 8:00pm EST Author Stephen Nantz will be visiting us

Jan 25th 8:00pm EST Author & Filmmaker Jennifer Dawn will be talking about her projects

Jan 26th  8:00pmEST Author Robert Eggleton will be on our show

Jan 27th 8:00pm EST  may be we will be visited by our friend Floyd Potts still waiting on that confirmation

Jan 28th  8:00pm EST Author Gary Starta will once again be visiting us

now on to Feb

Feb 1st 8:00pm EST Author Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy will be on the couch

Feb 2nd 8:00pm EST Filmmaker Dee McCullay will be making his debut appearance to discuss Border Patrol and other little films

Feb 3rd 8:00pm EST Author Robert Lethhold will be on the show

Feb 4th 8:00pm EST Author Vicki Goodwin will join us

Feb 8th 8:00pm EST Author and funny woman Taylor Dawn will once again have us laughing till we cry

Feb 15th 8:00pm EST Annette Love Houton will be joining us

Feb 16th 8:00pm EST Author David Hoof will once again join us and tell us what he has been up to

Feb 18th 8:00pm EST Author Betty Dravis will join us

Feb 22nd  8:00pm EST Filmmaker, author and Bohemian Celt Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc will once again be on tap

Feb 23rd 8:00pm EST Author Jennifer Chase will be sitting down with us

Fe 24 th 8:00pm EST Author, Editor and a jack of all trades Mary Brotherton will be our guest

Feb 25th 8:00pm EST my wonderful friend, publisher and Author Nicholas Grabowsky will join us

March proves to be even bigger

March 1st 8:00pm EST singer and songwriter Kenny Wilson will once again tell us what good things are happening to him

March 2nd 8:00pm Author Alexander Beresford will make his debut appearance

March 3rd 8:00pm Musician and Songwriter Vernon Minton is on the schedule –

March 8th 8:00pm EST Author Sandy Wright will join us again

March 10th  8:00pm EST Brookforest Voices will join us to discuss audiobooks

March 15th 8:00pm EST Authors and PA’s Virginia Johnson and Julia Claire will once again join us

March 17th 8:00pm EST Author Julie  Morgan is on tap

March 22nd 8:00pm EST Author Paul Herd aka Thomas S Mulvaugh will tell us what he has been doing

March 23rd EST 8:00pm EST My ad man and voice over man Christopher Dunham will talk about his new ventures

March 29th  8:00pm EST Author Lindsey Goddard will be our guest

March 31st 8:00pm EST Author Thom Futrell will return for round two.

See Ladies and Gentlemen this is just the beginning of an amazing year! Why not hop on board this train and go OFF THE CHAIN you will not regret it!!!!

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