Do You Want To Be A Part of Something That is Only Going to Get Bigger?

Okay boys and girls, I just checked the stats on my show – you know OFF THE CHAIN and the question is this why are you all not blowing up my email with requests to be on the show – this morning as a matter of fact just seconds ago this is what I saw on my stats, 2,223 listeners and this is where we are heard just on this show – does not include the podcasts out there:
Australia 48.93 %
United States 46.36 %
United Kingdom 2.99 %
Norway 0.64 %
Germany 0.31 %
This is from Spreaker one of the podcasts:
Top Countries PLAYS
United States 80%
India 6.7%
Russian Federation 6.7%
Tunisia 3.3%
United Kingdom 3.3%
Top Cities PLAYS
Leesville, LA, United States 20%
Anchorage, AK, United States 10%
Kolkata, India 10%
Deltona, FL, United States 5%
Piscataway, NJ, United States 5%
Crothersville, IN, United States 5%
Bloomfield, IA, United States 5%
Mineral Wells, TX, United States 5%
Port Saint Lucie, FL, United States 5%
Miami, FL, United States 5%

This was just last night on Sound Cloud another podcast:
2 plays
United Arab Emirates
2 plays
1 plays
1 plays
1 plays
1 plays
Other countries

This was just today on Mix cloud:

Country City
United States7
So I go back to my first question- What are you all waiting for? What are you afraid of? This cost you nothing but an hour of your time on your phone. We will be at 10,000 by the end of the year I have no doubt. Why not be a part of this dream- own it make it yours. If not I will have to interview myself and talk about all kinds of OFF THE CHAIN things which I can do, but it is so much more fun when I have someone else on the show. I am book shows for April why not be first on the list?

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