Sometimes a Trophy is So Much More

Last night as I sat and watched the National Championship Game many things ran through my mind. While I am not an over the top football fan, I can take it or leave it. I watched the game with extreme interest. Not because it was two southern teams battling it out gladiator style. Not because I had a dog in the fight which I didn’t – I watched it and thought about the way that Clemson has stayed the course for 35 years to bring something to the school that meant something to them. Yes, it was a trophy- but it was so much more- For those of you who didn’t stay up to watch the post game show and learn the back story of the coach you missed a great story. You see that coach was a walk on for Alabama, he and his mother were so poor that she at one time had to live in the dorm with him in order to not be on the streets. He was never considered a “success” not at any school he coached and certainly not a Clemson. Apparently they wanted to just use him as a filler until they could get a coach who had a winning reputation in his slot. No one believed in him – except his guys. The reason is simple, Coach understood where some of them came from- he understood the struggle better than anyone else- he had walked that path. He gave his team a vision- which took years- but it was a vision – ( I remember the days when Clemson was one of those “gimme” games that Georgia played just for practice)- Coach changed that one building block at a time. With Love and Faith in God, himself and his team as his foundation. Those kids would walk through the fires of hell for him. He not only inspired them- he inspired himself and he taught by example. The pure joy on his face and the face of the team and fans showed me that this was not just “another day at the office”- this was pure unadulterated success a dream come true. The heart of the win was not plays it was LOVE- FAITH and knowing that at the end of the day not matter the outcome they could still go home proud. That is what won the game. The point of this rambling is this, those of you who listen to my show know that I talk about dreams and what to do to get them- That I believe we make our dreams come true- but they are not handed to us. We have to work for them. Last year- they missed that “Brass Ring” did they give up- Oh no they regrouped- realigned and went back to the drawing board and look what happened. That is what we do with our dreams- IF you take nothing from last night at least take this- it was more than just a game- It was a DREAM that BECAME REAL- Be a dreammaker- have faith- believe in yourself even when the rest of the world walks away. You are the dreammaker- your are your own destiny- no one can steal that dream without your permission. Be a Tiger- don’t allow your dream to be stolen.!!!! Go the distance play full force until the last second of the game- Who knows a winning touchdown could be in your sight!

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