I Just to You Thank You for Telling Me NO!!!!

After last night’s show I was thinking about a myriad of things. Those that know me know how my mind works. Sometimes it is a very scary place to be. But I digress. I was thinking of something that Mary Brotherton told me about the first time we met and how scared she was to be at the event because she had never been around a room full of authors before. She said that the first person she saw when she walked into the room was me and I was wearing my Mad Hatter’s hat and she immediately connected with me. She said she felt that in that moment she had known me all her life. ME, who is a wordsmith, had no words. That statement was one of the most humbling things anyone has ever said to me. It was also one of the biggest compliments that anyone has ever said to me. I was also thinking about what my co-host Ron Gregory said, that as kids in high school when he sat next to me in Mr. Withers class which was English, by the way, that he always knew I was talented. You see Ladies and Gentlemen I never felt talented. I never felt worthwhile. I never felt good enough. Because that is what I was led to believe by adults. It is an amazing thing to learn years later that a childhood friend knew something that I didn’t – Again, a humbling statement.
Last night instead of doing my ad promotion at the beginning of the show I played a song that is performed by Buddy Jewell, “I want to thank you for telling me NO” You see ladies and Gentlemen that is what I heard all of my life. No, you can’t do that. No, you are not smart enough, No, you are not good enough, NO, that is not how it is done. No, that is not accepted. No, became the norm. So, I didn’t. Instead I wasted years of broken dreams because I allowed others to steal them. It took a divorce from a man who I thought loved me as much as I loved him – to finally destroy me enough, that I found the only place to go was up. When he said the final NO- you are not good enough, NO, I don’t love you enough and NO, I don’t want you in my life that I said, ENOUGH!!!! No more broken dreams, no more believing that others control my happiness, no more sidelines.
So here I am, I am enough, I am successful, I am powerful because I help others dream and make them real. I believe in who I am – where I am going and how I am going to get there. Has it been easy. No, it it had been it would not have been worthwhile. Do I live with regrets. No, because if I did I would be wasting my time. Would I do things over -probably because growth came out of it. So for all of you who have told me NO, from teachers, to ex-husbands, to well meaning family- I want to thank you. Because ladies and Gentlemen as of this morning the show a dream that was made real is at 10, 213 listeners between the show and all the podcasts. The show itself is at 4476 listeners. We are going be at 15,000 before we turn around good. Those of you who have been a part of this journey thank you. It is because of you- not me that we are so successful. I have guests through July and still booking for the end of the year.
So what can you take from this little lesson- 1. Yvonne does not take NO for answer, if she can’t go over the mountain she goes around it, if she can’t go around it she goes through it. and if she can’t do any of the above well she just moves it. 2. Never ever take No for an answer, for every challenge there is always an answer. 3. Never live with regret, leave your past behind and fly toward your present and future. And come on the show- and last but not least when you least expect it new dreams are dropped in your lap – Like my new clothing design line under Yvonne Sewell at VIDA.Com

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