For Those of You Who Are Still Doubters

Remember the post that I posted a while back where I said that I wanted to say thank you to all of those who told me NO. Well, here is an update. We are now at 11, 284 listeners, in 40 countries including the US – Just because I can here is the list of countries we are currently listened in :

Canada Germany, Korea, Egypt, Ecuador, the UK, Russian Federation, Indonesia, Singapore,Australia (they are 75% of our Audience, thank you guys so much) Ireland, Croatia, Tunisia , New Zealand, Pakistan,  India, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia ,Portugal,Hungary,Bulgaria,Norway,Ukraine,Vietnam,Peru, France,Philippines, Argentina, Mexico, The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

So see ladies and gentlemen- when someone tells me NO- I just go ahead and do it. I am always looking for guests. As of right now I am booked through July I am looking to fill slots through the end of the year. Why would you not want to be a part of something this special?OFF THE CHAIN

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