OFF THE CHAIN is a five year dream that has come true. When I first started my journey as an Author I wanted to do more. I wanted to push my limits. So I did. The radio show encompasses all walks of life, all platforms and dreams. When I created the show I wanted it to be an extension of who I am , what I do and how I succeed.

I wanted to give others the same chance to succeed. You see we are only as successful as we allow others to be and we should never allow anyone to steal our dream without our permission.

My guests are as different from me as they are the same. They all bring something exciting to the show and leave it with the listening audience. They teach others how not only to dream but to succeed.

I have now included this blog site which will not only show the shows but will allow you to listen in archives. I will also be posting my rants which are also OFF THE CHAIN here.

I will allow discourse and discussion and debate. However, I do apply a few standards that are Not optional. Notice I said, “Standards”,not rules. I hold myself to a very high standard and in doing that I hold others to that Standard. So, with that being said, the standard is this, there will be no name calling, no verbal abuse no undo “Curse Words” by that I mean just using  those words because that is all you bring to the table. That is not a debate that is juvenile verbiage.

Debates and Discourse and Discussion is just that, facts and opinions that are stated in a logical and calm manner. In the end if someone agrees to disagree- that is fine, but at least be willing to be open minded, to listen to each other and to maybe learn.  I reserve the right – notice I said the right to block and take down anything that leads to hate and discontent. I am be OFF THE CHAIN but I refuse to create Chaos. We have enough of that already in the news media.


As the banner at the head of this post states, “If you can’t fly with the big girls then stay off the broom.

If you have a passion, or a business, are an author, artist, musician, etc and you want to be on the show contact me at yvonnemason84@yahoo.com. I am taking bookings already for next year.

Now if you have not yet reached that stage in your life where you are comfortable being on a show, but still want to be out there. I can do that too. I will be taking ads for the shows. I will post a page for pricing again contact me at yvonnemason84@yahoo.com

You are now free to move about the County, and join me and my guests for OFF THE CHAIN!


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