Pricing for Ads for the Radio Show OFF THE CHAIN

As most of you probably know by now, I have an online Radio show on Blog Talk Radio. This show is called  OFF THE CHAIN. I interview anyone who has a dream, a platform, a passion, who is an artist, an author or musician. In other words my show is basically an open platform. I do have high standards though. I do not allow bashing, bullying, or other low class behavior. I do allow civil discourse, discussion and debate.

So, in light of that I know that there are many who are not comfortable being on live radio, even though it is a great way to get exposure. This show has over 3000 listeners between the live show and the podcasts. It goes all over the world. With that in mind, I have opened a doorway for those of you who are not comfortable in the spotlight.

At the beginning of every show I do an ad, it might be a musician’s song, it might be an ad for someone’s product or event or even foundation. It might be an ad for someone’s books. The thing is you are getting exposure.

What I have chosen to do is offer this to you at a minimum cost. I know how hard it is to get out there, I have been at this for a long time. So I threw away the box. I find ways to get exposure, I am offering one of those ways to each of you.

This is what I am offering. I do at least four shows a week, unlike other hosts who do one to two a week. My shows run at least an hour sometimes more. So, here is the deal.

If you want to place an ad it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

The break down is this:

1 week x 4 shows= 20.00

2 weeks x 8 shows = 35.00

3 weeks x 12 shows = 55.00

4 weeks x 16 shows = 75.00

5 weeks x 20 shows = 85.00

6 weeks x 24 shows = 95.00

7 weeks x 28 shows = 105.00

8 weeks x 32 shows = 120.00

9 weeks x 36 shows = 140.00

10 weeks x 40 shows = 160.00

11 weeks x 44 shows = 180.00

12 weeks (3 months) x 48 shows = 200.00

6 months x 4 shows = 300.00

As you see the more shows you buy ads for the greater the discount as I only charge $5.00 per show. And the other advantage that you have is on the weeks I do five shows – which sometimes happens you get a free ad.

The way this would work is you would send me what you want in the ad. I would then record it and play it before I introduce my guest. Half way through the show I would again play the ad. So if the show is an hour long you would hear it twice, if it is an hour and a half you would hear it three time and if it was two hour you would hear it 4 times. That is a lot of ad time for 5.00 a show. You can’t go anyplace else and get it like that.

As an added bonus. I will post the ad here on the blog site as a mp3 and as a blog. When I place the ad as a blog, I will include photos if you send them to me.  Again, you don’t get any better than that. I believe in paying it forward, but I am also in the business to make a bit of a living.  To place your ad contact me at



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